Our Philosophy

About Us

Our Planning Philosophy

Our planning approach is specifically tailored to each client, as we recognize no two clients are the same.  Our philosophy’s simple – We put our clients first because they deserve the very best!  While most companies, including brokerage firms, banks, and insurance companies offer their clients “cookie cutter” plans and strategies, we take a truly personal approach by creating a custom-made plan.  Before any investment decisions are made, we must first identify a client’s financial needs and goals.  Implementation is always based on the client’s direction and desired results.  Furthermore, a variety of planning subjects are addressed with education provided (i.e. college planning, retirement planning, estate planning) in order to create a specific plan of action.  The process also considers a client’s risk tolerance and time frame for meeting those goals.  When goals, risk tolerance, and time frames are established at the start of an investment program, the likelihood the plan will succeed is greatly enhanced.  By combining our distinct planning philosophies with exceptional service, we maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Planning-Based Approach Will Help You:

  • Organize your finances
  • Identify financial objectives and awareness of needs
  • Determine risk tolerance
  • Reduce risk by selecting an objective investment strategy to ensure proper, broad diversification
  • Make sound financial decisions by regularly reviewing your portfolio
  • Achieve your financial goals

Investment Philosophy

We employ several investment research tools in conducting our research and analysis of thousands of fund choices.  From an objective standpoint, we select various investments from among the best fund managers in the world with an emphasis on quality fund management.  Every investment portfolio is custom-made and designed with the client’s specific needs and goals in mind.  In addition, we provide continuous, in-depth investment research and analysis throughout the year in order to recommend the best portfolios to our clients.

Broad Diversification – Placing all your eggs in one basket could leave your portfolio scrambled.  Economists from some of the world’s most prominent universities have concluded that asset class selection is the most important factor in portfolio performance.  What drives performance?  A definitive 1990 study revealed that asset allocation is the most significant factor driving performance.  In addition, according to research by Brinson Partners, which tracked 82 large pension funds over 10 years, the asset allocation strategy accounted for over 91% of the difference among returns.

Passive Management Principles – The choice of prudent investors.  Livelsberger Financial Advisory employs the passive investing principles of modern portfolio theory.


  • Manage risk by diversifying investments among various asset classes
  • Emphasize asset class selection using top fund managers
  • Focus on the total portfolio as a whole; not individual investments within it


Why risk active management?  In recent years, we have experienced unprecedented market volatility.  Active managers, who try to pick hot stocks or attempt to time the market, are actually playing with fire.  Don’t get burned!  Rather, many studies show the passive approach yields better results over the long term.