Our Planning Philosophy

Our planning approach is specifically tailored to each client, as we recognize no two clients are the same.  While most companies, including brokerage firms, banks, and insurance companies offer their clients “cookie cutter” plans and strategies, we take a truly personal approach by creating a custom-made plan.  Before any investment decisions are made, we must first identify a client’s financial needs and goals.  Implementation is always based on the client’s direction and desired results.  Furthermore, a variety of planning subjects are addressed with education provided (i.e. college planning, retirement planning, estate planning) in order to create a specific plan of action.  The process also considers a client’s risk tolerance and time frame for meeting those goals.  When goals, risk tolerance, and time frames are established at the start of an investment program, the likelihood the plan will succeed is greatly enhanced.  By combining our distinct planning philosophies with exceptional service, we maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients.

The Baby Boomer Generation

FINALLY, RETIREMENT IS HERE!!!  The time has arrived as the Baby Boomer Generation ends their working years and now enters the distribution phase of life, known as retirement.  Whereas, the Millennials (Generation Y) are starting their lives out in search of the best financial plan to accomplish future goals such as buying a house, and concerns of student debt – The Baby Boomer Generation is looking for the best ways of “The How & To Of Retirement.”  This is supposed to be the most relaxing and enjoyable phase of their lives.  Yet, these individuals approaching retirement are faced with having to make several highly important decisions.  For instance, it’s critical that retirees understand their retirement distribution options, know how to take their retirement distributions, select the most appropriate investments suited for them during this period, and follow the proper path leading to financial success.  Other key questions remain, “When should I or my spouse start taking Social Security?”  As they say in golf, “There are no do-overs!”  That saying applies more than ever during this important phase of an individual’s life, the retirement phase.

Our Commitment To You

We are committed to helping you sort through the maze of investment choices, identifying needs vs. goals, and creating a plan of action to put you on the right path to success.  For many people, investing in the financial markets is a mystery, both complex and intimidating.  Inexperienced investors are often disappointed because their investments fail to achieve the desired results.  With the complexities of today’s society and demand to time, people are seeking easier and smarter ways to build their assets and reach their financial dreams.  Having a personal financial advisor is the key to achieving financial success.  We are committed to providing the best comprehensive, financial planning services to help you accomplish your goals.