Our Planning Philosophy

Our planning approach is specifically tailored to each client, as we recognize no two clients are the same.  While most companies, including brokerage firms, banks, and insurance companies offer their clients “cookie cutter” plans and strategies, we take a truly personal approach by creating a custom-made plan.  Before any investment decisions are made, we must first identify a client’s financial needs and goals.  Implementation is always based on the client’s direction and desired results.  Furthermore, a variety of planning subjects are addressed with education provided (i.e. college planning, retirement planning, estate planning) in order to create a specific plan of action.  The process also considers a client’s risk tolerance and time frame for meeting those goals.  When goals, risk tolerance, and time frames are established at the start of an investment program, the likelihood the plan will succeed is greatly enhanced.  By combining our distinct planning philosophies with exceptional service, we maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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